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I’m sure he’ll grow up to have great #bagswag!

I’m sure he’ll grow up to have great #bagswag!


Fast Pack Friday: Custom Stuff Pack

I’ve had my own design for a GORUCK Brick Bag/Stuff Sack style pack for a while now. Last week I finally got around to ordering some parts and I cracked the whole thing out last night (not without some blood and bruises!). I’m pretty pleased with the results, there are of course a bunch of things I would change, but it works.

The reason I can justify it (to myself!) being under Fast Pack Friday is that Transporter Tail from my Fast Pack EDC, the Coyote Khaki colour of these have just been restocked, you won’t regret picking one of these up. I’ve been playing around with the Tail as an individual unit recently, including here where it is wrapped around the Stuff Pack. I love how the clips can be used to wrap around nearly anything to add extra PALS webbing, the stuff pocket behind is great for keeping a bandana or other thin material items too. Also featured on here is my TAD S2 pouch in OD Green, with my LensLight Mini Ti TAD Edition (mines actually an older edition). 

My Stuff Pack includes a strip of PALS webbing of its own which I used to secure the bottom straps of the Transporter Tail, hold a pair of trauma shears and attach a PatchPal (stand by for a review of this amazing product in the near future!). The Stuff Pack could definitely use a bit more capacity in the depth but this thin profile does actually encourages lighter packing, so maybe not. It’s a similar width to a number of my pouches, so it works nicely for internal configuration. The clip closure (which follows a traditional stuff sack fold-and-clip technique) was chosen as it works well for attaching to other packs and doubles as a handle.

I’ve got another couple of ideas for custom packs which I’ll share when they’re done. For now, do let me know what you think of the Stuff Pack?

Love it when peeps build their own stuff!! Nice one dude!!

#spotted Filson Otter Green Rucksack.. Something about Filson… Would love to see it beaten and bruised…

#spotted Filson Otter Green Rucksack.. Something about Filson… Would love to see it beaten and bruised…


The TOPO Designs + dp mountain briefcase version 2.0 is now available.

Topo Designs x DoanePaper looking sharp!!

#spotted.. A friend’s Navy PROP No. 12884 Masterpiece Backpack.. Attention to detail and great materials!

#spotted.. A friend’s Navy PROP No. 12884 Masterpiece Backpack.. Attention to detail and great materials!


THE HAUSER 10L – Hydration Pack
Mission Workshop: ACRE

By David Massey

Background info:
Mission Workshop is a San Francisco based company owned by cycling enthusiasts making high end products for cycling and active lifestyles. Their gear is by no means for cycling only, but they test their products against the demands of the road and the road can be rough. 

Operation Objective:
Find a lightweight, weather resistant, hydration compatible day-pack around 10L. I settled on a pack by Mission Workshop called The Hauser, which is part of the ACRE Trail system. I chose the smaller 10L instead of the 14L. 

According to Acre Supply’s website: The Acre Trail System is a collection of bags and apparel that “balances the need to climb light and fast with exceptional durability and weather protection.”

In my experience, the reason gear fails is poor construction, poor materials and poor design. This pack excels in all three areas and with “balance”. 


Seams and zippers are well considered. No loose threads to be found on seams and the seam edges are wrapped. Zippers are solid YKK urethane coated water-tight, they haven’t gotten caught on me yet.


“Ultralight” seems to be the buzzword in packs these days and the Hauser keeps up with the times with a “Dimension-Polyant 210D nylon VX ripstop with waterproof laminate”. It has a subtle diamond pattern and it’s smooth to the touch yet seems quite durable. This pattern gives it a subtle flair, but is very subdued. I opted for black because it’s low profile and the webbing doesn’t stand out. The other colors have contrast black webbing which looks sharp, but I didn’t care for. It also comes in MultiCam, Grey and a Dark Blue.


The Hauser is a result of thinking outside the box and a testament of Mission Workshop’s dedication to bike culture and infinite hours in the saddle. They have been making messenger bags and accessories for those that live life on two wheels for years, so you know they have thought of everything. 

One of Mission Workshop’s signature design aspects is multiple configurations for different users. You can run this pack with the top flap rolled up and secured (the more waterproof option), or run it more like a ruck-sack, with flap down and attached to clips.

The shoulder straps are part of a back yoke made of a mesh and honeycomb padding that is attached to the pack itself at the top and bottom leaving the middle of the yoke open so your back stays cool. I’ve never seen this design employed anywhere else and even if you have the pack loaded up, every time you move you allow fresh air in to ventilate your back. The shoulder straps have molded plastic clips for hydration tube management. The pack is very comfortable under moderate loads.  

The design features a few custom strap configurations for users of different shapes and sizes. Waist straps and shoulder straps can be adjusted at your sides where they meet the pack in four different configurations.  

There are four external pockets for gear. The largest is a vertical pocket on the front of the pack that I presume was designed to be home of the mesh tool roll that is included. 

Another pocket at the bottom holds the extra straps that can be deployed to carry things like a helmet or an extra jacket (see main image above). 

The last two pockets are for smaller items like keys, wallet, glasses, flashlight, nutrition, etc. The main cargo space, measuring in at 19” x 7.25” x 2.5”, is large enough for whatever you’re bringing for the day like a change of clothes or your lunch. There is a separate zippered pocket for a hydration bladder up to 3L that opens up in full clamshell.

The tool roll is an added bonus. If just going the EDC route you can always just use the tool roll for, IFAK, batteries, electronics or a knife.

I traded in a military style hydration pack for the Hauser because I wanted to go as light as possible. According to ACRE using a Camelback 3L bladder it weighs in at 39.2 oz. With Hauser’s extra straps and light-weight construction, less truly is more.

Although not overly tactical looking, there is still a stealthy urban look to the pack. The advents of the back yolk design are refreshing, quite literally, for those using this for activities like hiking biking and urban exploration. 

The abundance of options for configuration are welcomed features too, because without the ability to adapt, you can’t overcome. 

Find the pack here

10L retails for $195 or for ten bucks more, you can get the 14L model. Made in the USA for an added bonus!

Construction specifics: 

  • Outer Fabric — Dimension-Polyant 210D nylon VX ripstop with waterproof laminate. Made in the USA.
  • Liner Fabric — 70D nylon ripstop with waterproof TPU laminate.
  • External Zippers — YKK urethane coated watertight zippers. (#5 and #7 coil)
  • Back Panel — Ariaprene™ hexagonal perforated foam with nylon mesh laminate.
  • Hardware — National Molding. Made in the USA.
  • Tool Roll — Heavy duty nylon mesh, 500D Cordura nylon, YKK #5 reverse coil zippers.

Makes me want one!!

Hit & Run: Defy Bags Pivot Messenger

I managed to snag a Pivot Messenger and run around with it for a bit and grab some photos. Without further ado, here’s the next installment of “Hit & Run”.

The Pivot Messenger from Defy Bags exudes a sterile coolness when looking at it…

The outside flap of the Pivot is a combination of 1000D Cordura and vintage vinyl tarp held together with parachute strapping. The main flap closes with the aid of two very nice cobra buckles.

The front of the main compartment sports two D-rings on each side of a pocket with a waterproof zipper. I had trouble finding a use for these D-rings as I have a big bunch of keys that would prove difficult to dangle outside. I can see how they would be good for a small torch or keychain multitool. The waterproof pocket was where I kept my keys and little knick knacks.

On the inside, the Pivot has a padded laptop sleeve with a couple of sleeve pockets for notebooks and some stationery. Enough space for the typical commute but a little challenging if you like packing everything but the kitchen sink.

The Pivot Messenger is a really nice low profile shoulder bag for work. The attention to detailing in the form of the cobra buckles and material choices give a great overall feel and look to the pack!

Not Available in the App Store.

Not Available in the App Store.

#whatiamcarrying Large Greenroom136 Mission Backpack in Orange. Grab and go.

#whatiamcarrying Large Greenroom136 Mission Backpack in Orange. Grab and go.

#spotted Côte&Ciel Spree Messenger Eco Yarn in Black Melange.. Clean Lines!

#spotted Côte&Ciel Spree Messenger Eco Yarn in Black Melange.. Clean Lines!